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For the ultimate in beauty and sophistication, Mica flake is the option. When this flake resembles granite and marble.

Mica flakes are crystallized minerals gathered through numerous minerals. It takes many years to form in high temperatures and pressure environment. Semi-transparent flakes are available in a variety of colors.

Ideal for garages, screened porches, covered patios, bars, restaurants, retail, basements, museums, showrooms and much more.


Over 100 solid colors to choose from. These colors can be applied as a solid base coat by it’s self with a glossy or satin top coat. You can also add extra’s such as variegated glitter to create, the colors of the rainbow, effect on top of your solid coating or flake color.


A decorative option that provides the most anti-slip texture. Acrylic is ideal for garage floors, front porch areas, showrooms, etc. With 20 plus Signature colors to choose from to match any type of home. Weather you’re looking for trendy, timeless, subtle or one that stands out, we have a acrylic blend for your home.


A must have! More and more new homes, offices and restaurants are looking for attractive flooring, that is unique, hygienic and easy to clean. Now by adding Glitter to your top coat you can create a subtle yet eye pleasing surface. Glitter shows it’s best shimmer under the glint of mood lighting, to create an appealing ambiance.

Glitter is ideal for garage floors, showrooms, retail, restaurants and school gymnasiums.


Choosing one of our Signature Metallix floor coatings is a choice that’s trendy and unique all at once. This flake stands out compared to the others because the metallic chip resembles brushed metal and adds enough shimmer to make your floor sophisticated.

Add Glitter to your Metallix floor coating and your floor will be the envy of the neighborhood!